We are a brand consultancy.

Department of New drives human agency and value through impactful stories. We move clients towards the truth of what they do, finding the best vantage point for their vision and a distinct voice for their work.


how we build brands

Articulate 600 - 800 Montserrat 64 (1).png

Make a statement in ways that knock the socks off your clients and customers. We set up an unignorable neon sign in their minds that points to your offerings.

Plan 600- 800 Montserrat 64.png

Break down what you need, to get from point A to point B, into bite-sized chunks. We give you a clear Plan of Action and an ETA to work towards.

Improvise 600- 800 Montserrat 64.png

Hand you a mission sheet to walk the talk. Department of New keeps you on track and keeps the focus on the big picture. When there's a curveball, we grab a martini (shaken, not stirred) and improvise. 


Sell 600-800 Montserrat 64.png

Sell your ideas by relentlessly getting people excited about them. We set you up to pitch with purpose and determination. Can’t go wrong with that.